Donate to the Featured Organizations & Individuals From the Film

We are raising money that will be divided evenly between the four organizations & individuals featured in Stay Human. Our hope is that upon viewing the movie, folks will be moved to donate to these groups who are inspiring others each day to stay human.


Bumi Sehat

This non-profit organization in Indonesia operates three Community Health and Education and Childbirth Centers. They offer allopathic and holistic medicine, as well as pre and post-natal care, breastfeeding support, infant, child and family health services, nutritional education, pre-natal yoga and gentle, loving natural birth services. Their founder, Robin Lim, travels to assist expecting and new mothers in natural disaster-ridden areas. Your donation will assist with Robin’s travel expenses and to support operating costs for the birthing clinic. Learn more by clicking the image.

Steve and Hope Dezember

Steve was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or ALS, in 2011 and his wife, Hope, has dedicated her life to taking care of him and raising awareness and funds for ALS research and prevention. We are collecting donations to support Steve and Hope to pay their bills accrued for IV food and antibiotics, to continue to buy the bandages that insurance doesn't provide for wound care for Steve, as well as for day-to-day living expenses such as water, electric, gas and food. Learn more by clicking the image.


Indobamboo is a bamboo laminate manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia that works directly with 600 Indonesian bamboo farmers to source our raw materials directly. They are Bali's only ecologically-friendly hardwood producer. They work hard to ensure happy farmers, happy bamboo forests AND happy customers. We are raising funds so they can build a new nursery in a bamboo village. Learn more about Indobamboo and their bamboo villages by clicking the image.

Ubuntu pathways

Ubuntu Pathways is a nonprofit organization that provides an integrated support system of health, education, and social services in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They provide support to young people from cradle to career. We would like to raise money for their 20th anniversary which is coming up in 2019, and to build a music studio for their school.